Terms to granted for use virtualvivah.in


Please read the User Agreement below. You consent to all of the terms and set out in this agreement when you join up for any service on virtualvivah.in, which will be addressed collectively as the Web application. Documents carefully read the following terms and conditions, since they constitute our agreement. "YOU MAY NOT USE THE WEBSITE AND SHOULD NOT Join IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS. YOU Expressly Consent BY THIS USER AGREEMENT, INCLUDING ALL Legislative changes MADE TO DATE, BY USING THE WEBSITE."

Agreement with Users

With terms to your use of the Website, this Term is your contract with virtualvivah.in. Towards becoming or remaining an elite member of the Website, you should indeed comply with all of the terms and conditions set out in this Agreement. "We" and "us" refer to virtualvivah.in or any subsidiary or beneficiary of virtualvivah.in as used in this Agreement.

Use with permission.

You affirm, guarantee, and declare that you are over the age of 18. This website is solely intended for the mature. While using the Website, you indicate that you are at least 18 years old. If you do not follow the promise made, you may face legal implications.

You pledge to observe the accompanying Standards of Conduct when using the Website:

·        Any documentation you disclose on the Website or to other individuals is totally your responsibility. You shall ensure that the information submitted to you through the Website is secret and exclusive, and you will not share it with anyone else without the permission of the client who disclosed it to you.

·        You cannot use the Website to stalk or annoy others, particularly, but not confined to, publishing messages, images, or recordings that involve malicious, insulting, violent, or derogatory comments, or racial, sexual, profane, or objectionable terminology;

·        You cannot use the Website to send threatening messages and use the Website to infringe someone person's rights, wealth, or other human liberties;

·        You cannot leave comments, screengrabs, or recordings, or use the Website in any way that breaches, plagiarizes, or impedes on the fundamental freedoms of any third-party provider, not all of which are confined to any trademarks or service marks, secrecy, or other individual or closed source rights, or is dishonest, illegal, or contravenes any legislation. You are solely responsible for your own personal purposes of the Website. You may not provide others permission to use the Website, and you may not disclose your identity to other users.

·        You cannot use the Website to broadcast, disseminate, and or promote any material that contains a request for money, promotions, or a request for products or services.

·        You are cognizant that the Website might comprise sensitive adult-oriented items submitted by users who have given their authorization.

Information Privacy and Use



You are aware of this.

·        We never guarantee the confidentiality or protection of personal data you send via the Website or in personal emails, and you agree to hold us harmless in the event that such content is misused by anyone.

·        We are not accountable for, and have no authority over, how others use any details you disclose with them through the Site, and you should take precautions when providing confidential info to others through the Website.

·        We cannot be held liable for the information content provided by other Website users, and you agree to hold us harmless from any and all liabilities arising from the substance of any conversations you may acquire from other users.

·        You agree that you will not be able to sue virtualvivah.in or any of its staff members for any consequences you suffer as a result of using the site. We cannot promise the integrity of the information submitted by other users of the Website, and we bear no responsibility for confirming it. You are not permitted to use the Website for any illegal reasons.

Data surveillance

We reserve the right to analyze any promotions, social postings, and communication to ensure full compliance with any current or future content rules. In addition, we have the duty to control all communications and discussions that occur on the site. We are not liable for any inflammatory or indecent items that some other users may submit or publish (including unauthorized users as well as the possibility of "hackers"). We are also not liable for the use of any identifying information that a user may also choose to submit on the Website.

Information is being removed.

While we are doing yet and cannot review every statement or other stuff posted or sent by website users, and we are not aware of the content of these messages or substances, we retain the ability, but not the obligation, to remove, relocate, or modify communications or substances that we, in our professional judgment, proclaim to be in violation of the Code of Behavior or any appropriate information standards, or to be alternatively abhorrent. You are solely responsible for the results of any ads, publicly posting, communications, or other information you may publish on the Website or send to other users.

Access to the website has been revoked.

We reserve the right to cancel or terminate your subscription to all or part of the Website at any time, with or without warning, for any purpose, involving, but not limited to, a violation of this Agreement. Any dishonest, harassing or otherwise, illegal behavior may result in your access to all or part of the Website being terminated at our absolute discretion, and you may be reported to appropriate officers.

Cancellation Policy

Any cancellation request will be responded to as soon as possible in writing. You acknowledge that if you cancel your subscription with the virtualvivah.in, you will be logged out of the site and your membership will be revoked permanently. You also consent and embrace the total and irreversible deletion of your account, emails, and any other enrollment credentials you may own. This data is not recoverable or transferable to a third-party provider. You must register online and pay for a new subscription if you subsequently change your mind. Earlier billing information, on the other hand, will be lost.

Information that is confidential

The Website provides information that is confidential to both us and our visitors. On the website, we maintain complete intellectual property protection. Whether or not it is marked as exclusive to us or them, data transmitted by us or other users of the Website may be prohibited. You agree not to edit, copy, or redistribute any such information for any purpose without first obtaining the explicit permission of the information is the available owner.

There is no accountability

We are not liable for any inadvertent, profound, noteworthy, dissuasive, upstanding, internal, or external losses of any kind arising out of or related to your use of the Website, including but not restricted to abandoned income, profit margin, corporate, or statistics, or damage arising from malware, worms, "Adware," or other catastrophic software or components, or communication systems by you or other Website users, or any stoppage or withdrawal of the Website. Any right you have against the us is restricted to the amount you paid, if any, for use of the Website even during the lease term, minus the time you utilized it.

Security and Collateral

·        Your profile is personal and must not be shared with others. You are accountable for all conduct on the Website by users who use your password, including, but not limited to, any third-party use of your password.

·        You decide to support us, our executives, leaders, staff members, and representatives harmless from any loss of or damage, including satisfactory lawyer expenses, resulting from your events on or use of the Website, including without restrictions any infringement by you of this Contract or any expenses or complaints brought against you because of third parties. In the defense of any claim, you must participate as completely as is absolutely needed. We retain the right to steal sole defense and responsibility of any issue otherwise related to your compensation; nevertheless, you will remain responsible for any such lawsuit.

Other Modes of Content and Transparency

We reserve the option to provide you with email messages advising you of modifications or updates to the Website, as well as any other virtualvivah.in linked commodities and domains. We retain the right to exchange intelligence regarding your use of the Website and Analytics in non-personally identifiable ways. On initial inquiry, we retain the ability to reveal all evidence about your utilization to law enforcement officers.

Negative posts

Consumers must communicate to our online support to dispute or submit a grievance about the Website or participants who have used the Website. Prompt steps will be taken to assist in the settlement of the dispute.




Beware of Fraud

virtualvivah.in is dedicated to providing you with a safe and comfortable place to look for and meet your spouse. We assist our customers in finding the finest partners, but it is in their economic interest for them to use their greatest judgment in determining another person's sincerity and enthusiasm in the wedding.


·        Notwithstanding everything we do to ensure the ecosystem is secure, we recommend that you take the following measures whilst using our websites. Highlight such accounts as 'Fraudster' and prevent from engaging particular members if they seem to have posted misleading or erroneous information regarding their background, employment, lifestyle, home, etc.

·        If a user requests favorable treatment such as transportation of material, depositing cash on their account, lending them funds, etc., instantly cease communicating with them and follow the instructions mentioned. Employees from virtualvivah.in websites may contact you to request a subscription fee or to verify your accounts. If this occurs, use prudence and notify our customer support.

·        Never give out your financial information, such as your bank account number, internet banking passwords, credit card information, and so on, and be careful of anyone who asks for money. Use your best judgment and don't make any hasty decisions. Meet with potential partners you find on the platform in a secure location and notify your family members or friends. Prior to making any agreements, conduct a complete background investigation on the individual.

If you come across any of the aforementioned situations or a fraudulent profile, please contact us right once.